Steve Lawler

I began a large scale research project in 2001 to answer the question, what wisdom do you have to share?

I asked participants, What stories changed your life? Who has been generous in guiding you ? What practices or principle help you live a full life?

The first round of stories formed an article entitled,  Generous Wisdom, that appeared in Spirituality & Health.  Since then I have carried these questions into my consulting work with clients in the hospitality, nonprofit, manufacturing and publishing sectors. Their answers shape the essence of what they do and how they perform. Continuing to develop their wisdom practices make them better leaders.

My work focuses on using these insights for leadership development, stakeholder engagement and collaboration for the Common Good.

I engage with organizations and the people who lead them through keynotes, presentations, workshops and consultations.

In my own continued work as a leader I serve as Rector of St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church, Ferguson, Missouri and as co-founder of The Vine, a community collaboration hub.

As of June 2016 I am also the founding Director of the Walker Leadership Institute at Eden Theological Seminary where I also teach. Our work focuses on leadership for the Common Good.

Prior to June 2016 I was the Coordinator of both the Business and the Sustainability programs of University College at Washington University in St Louis. I also served as Managing Director of Opinions Incorporated , a global opinion research organization(2004-2016)  and prior to this served as Managing Director North America for Expert Eyes N.V., a Belgian based venture firm and Chief Possibilities Officer for XPLANE, a global design consultancy. Current and past consulting clients include The Four Seasons Hotel and Resorts, The Peninsula Hotels, Oetker Hotel Management GmbH, the Redemptorists of the Denver Province , the St Louis Post-Dispatch and Liguori Publications.

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